5 FUN and Easy Christmas Songs for Ukulele
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Your students will love playing these 5 FUN and easy to play Christmas ukulele songs using the chords C, F  and G7.  

Introducing easy to play songs with Am, D7 and Bb..  

Each song is written in the easy to read FUN Ukulele for Beginners Method and in the traditional format with lyrics and chords above.  

This file contains two PDF documents only. (There are no animated videos with this package)  The first PDF is a full colour copy of the  5 FUN and Easy to Play Christmas ukulele Song book.  THe second PDF is a black and white reporducible PDF of the music book for your students.

To see a sample of the book visit www.funmusicforbeginners.com



5 FUN and Easy Christmas Songs for Ukulele

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