35 Sets of Coloured Vinyl Stickers
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35 sets of coloured vinyl stickers for your class set of ukuleles.  


Why use stickers?

  • When students use stickers for their first three chords, the colours help create chord shapes in their memory. The chord shapes are then applied to new chord shapes after the unit is complete.
  • Children have greater success when using colours first, thus increasing their level of confidence.
  • Children first learn the chords by colour, but by the end of the unit they know that red is a C chord, green is an F chord and blue is a G7 chord.
  • Coloured stickers remove the need for students to process language commands when learning where to place their fingers. This is much easier for them at the start of the unit.  When they are familiar with a fret board at the end of the unit, they quickly pick up directions such as 1st string 2nd fret, therefore no longer needing coloured stickers.

Stickers are mailed within 24 hours. Expect 10-15 working days for delivery.

35 Sets of Coloured Vinyl Stickers

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